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Redundancy protection to be extended when new parents return to work

Plans to extend redundancy protections for pregnant women and new mothers was announced this month, entitling them to an additional six months once they return to work. According to the Government’s consultation response, these benefits would also stretch to those who are taking adoption or shared parental leave

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1 in 6 secondary school teachers 'want more flexible working'

Secondary school leaders are being urged to deal with the ‘unmet demand’ of teachers who wish to work part-time or flexibly, according to a recent report.

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Almost two-thirds of new Dads request flexible working

Since becoming fathers, nearly two-thirds (63 per cent) of all Dads have requested a form of flexibility at work, such as working from home, compressed hours or changing work hours. However, a new report published by Daddilife found that there is a significant gap between what is being asked for and what is granted.

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More than 40% of older employees think age discrimination is a problem in their workplace

Forty-one per cent of employees between the ages of 55-59 believe age discrimination against older workers is a problem in their place of work, according to a recent survey. This is in spite of there being a record 10 million employees over 50 in the current UK workforce, with the number expected to grow to more than a third of all UK workers within the next decade.

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Gagging orders for whistleblowers to be banned from NHS

The health secretary has pledged the use of Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) to silence whistleblowers will be banished from the NHS in the hope to encourage staff to speak the truth about any injustice in the workplace.

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