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During your employment there may be times when your terms and conditions of employment are breached or when you are concerned by your employer’s or your colleagues’ actions or treatment of you.

Grievances can arise from a wide variety of circumstances in and out of the workplace. The essence of a grievance is a worker’s unhappiness at some aspect of the way he or she has been treated, either by his or her employer, manager, or one or more colleagues.

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Examples of Employment Grievance Legal Issues

Examples of issues which can give rise to grievances include an instruction to change normal working hours, in breach of the employee’s contract, being given an insulting nickname by a manager, or told to wear more attractive clothes or makeup.

Equally, an employee might feel that he or she is being singled out unfairly for public (or private) criticism, over his or her work, timekeeping, or appearance. A classic example of behaviour which can offend is the drunken Christmas party when a manager (or a colleague) makes an (unwanted) sexual advance to another colleague.

All of these circumstances could provide the basis for a lawful grievance. The well-prepared (and wise) employer will have a clear grievance policy in place which makes provision for grievances to be raised, investigated, and dealt with effectively. Underpinning a good grievance policy there should be a clear code of conduct which makes the limits of acceptable behaviour clear.

But in many instances businesses have not got the appropriate policies and procedures in place, and/or have not kept them up to date.

The City is a hazardous workplace. Several major City institutions have made unwanted headlines on account of bullying, sexism, racism, and drunken harassment.

Our team of expert employment lawyers are specialists in advising and representing City staff who’ve been on the receiving end of unpleasant treatment. We’re here to offer a sympathetic ear to anyone who’s been badly treated by their employer or a colleague. We’re highly skilled in drafting and advising on grievances, which can be very important in preserving the employment relationship, or where necessary, building a solid claim for use in proceedings. As appropriate, we’ll help you to gain redress either by way of a confidential Settlement Agreement, or an award of compensation by an Employment Tribunal.

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