Almost two-thirds of new Dads request flexible working

Since becoming fathers, nearly two-thirds (63 per cent) of all Dads have requested a form of flexibility at work, such as working from home, compressed hours or changing work hours. However, a new report published by Daddilife found that there is a significant gap between what is being asked for and what is granted.

Over half of those who requested a change in working hours were successful, but only one in five of those who asked for one or two days a week to work from home had their request approved.

One-third of all working fathers have changed jobs since becoming a Dad in the hopes to achieve their optimal work/life balance, with 39 per cent pinpointing “flexibility to fulfil parental responsibilities” as their main reason.

Seventy-four per cent of Dads between the ages of 24 and 29 have requested a change in working practice, while 41 per cent of the same group requested a change in working hours specifically. The top three industries for getting a change in working hours was reported to be construction, education and retail. 

The report entitled The Millennial Dad at Work revealed just over one in two Dads believe that fathers in their organisation were treated equally to mothers with regards to flexible working.

The study found that fathers who earn more than £70,000 were significantly more likely to be granted flexible working over those who earn less.

Thirty-seven per cent of fathers admit their mental health is negatively affected as a result of trying to balance work and family life. Nearly half (45 per cent) regularly experience tension from their employer when trying to achieve a positive work/life balance. The same number of respondents reported tension with their partners, while 37 per cent experience tension from colleagues on a regular basis. Less than one-quarter of father reported the impact on their mental health to be somewhat or very positive.

Founder of Tots100, Sally Whittle, explained:

“A lack of flexible working opportunities means that too many Dads aren’t able to be as involved with their growing families as they would like to be. That has an impact on families but on businesses too, as Dads seek out a better work-life balance.”

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