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How To Embrace Career Cushioning

Caroline Walker, managing director of Cavendish Employment Law Limited, recently contributed towards an article in the Financial Times discussing ‘career cushioning’, a recently-formed term describing employees having a plan B to fall back on.

Caroline discussed experiencing career cushioning in asset management, saying “In these times of unprecedented economic challenge, employees have been seen to be taking steps to cushion their career against a potential redundancy by keeping their network warm," she says.

Going on to add that career cushioning is not without risk. "Industries such as asset management are small and word can soon spread back to their asset manager that their employee is potentially looking for new opportunities, which can, in turn, make them doubt their commitment to their current role."

She added that the best option for anyone taking this approach is to be open with your intentions, making it clear that you are committed to the current role but require a backup plan to protect your future.

"Ideally this would be met with understanding and reassurance that their role is safe, but even if they are not in a position to give this, at least they will be confident their employee remains loyal to their role." she says.

"An understanding asset manager would not be unduly concerned by an employee's career cushioning, not least because it has become so commonplace in this rocky economy, they may even be keeping their own irons in the fire and building their own bench."

Read the full article to find out more about the ways to embrace career cushioning

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